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Profitability Analysis

This powerful financial tool dissects your revenues and costs to pinpoint which products, services, customers, or projects are most profitable. Profitability analysis highlights your strengths to double down on successful offerings. It also exposes underperformers to cut costs or reprice for higher margins. Whether you run a small local business or a large corporation, conducting regular profitability analyses is vital. It guides smart decision-making to increase net income. Implement this essential strategy to gain a competitive edge and propel your business's financial success.

Profitability Analysis Service

How Can Profitability Analysis Services Help Your Business To Grow

Identify Top Profit Generators

Profitability analysis pinpoints your most lucrative products, services, customers, or projects. This allows you to double down on your biggest money makers to further increase profits.

Optimize Pricing Strategies

By analyzing costs and margins, you can adjust pricing models for underperforming offerings. Proper pricing maximizes profitability across your product/service portfolio.

Reduce Operational Inefficiencies

Profitability analysis exposes areas of wasteful spending or process bottlenecks. Eliminating these inefficiencies cuts costs to improve overall profitability.

Data-Driven Decision Making

With detailed profitability metrics, you gain valuable insights to make informed strategic decisions. Data-driven choices foster smarter growth and higher profits.

What is Profitability Analysis?

Profitability analysis services provide the clarity you need to maximize earnings. We, at AG Capital CFO Services, conduct in-depth analyses to determine which products, services, clients, and processes are most profitable and leverage cutting-edge tools and methodologies to pinpoint areas for improvement.

Data-driven insights allow you to make informed decisions to boost lucrative offerings, streamline inefficient operations, and adjust pricing models. With the guidance of our Financial Analysts, you can refine your strategies to increase margins and net income. Whether your goal is to grow your small business or take an enterprise corporation to new heights, profitability analysis is key. Implement these specialized services to gain a competitive edge and unlock your true profit potential in today’s market.

Profitability analysis will allow you to gain a deep understanding on processes, such as:

  • Separation of revenue and direct costs by products or departments, by month, by product groups;
  • Attribution of indirect costs by structural units, by month, in accordance with the principles defined by you (e.g., applying the same cost margin);
  • Calculation of each unit’s profit or loss for the month;
  • Summary of each unit’s results for the year;
  • Possibility to create product or employee ratings according to different parameters (sales, average discount, net profit, etc.);
  • Calculation of break-even sales for each department or product, considering its cost structure;
  • Calculation of KPIs (e.g. sales per m2, average inventory turnover, average profit per customer, etc.). KPI comparison across departments;
  • Attribute of the so-called “economic” costs; for example, the alternative cost of money frozen in inventory or with debtors;
  • Automatic data input – data for this service will be automatically imported into the model from your accounting system.


AG Capital - Profitability Analysis

Here we reveal some of our files so that you are able to evaluate the appearance and functionality of our Profitability Analysis. Download it below!


Development of a profitability model typically costs our clients in the range from $850 to $1800 for the whole project (depending on complexity). As a result our clients get a clear picture of how each part of their company performs and can quickly adjust the performance.

If you want to increase your profit through detailed analysis of your company’s individual components – fill in a contact form below to learn more and get a quote.


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