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A well-crafted business plan is essential for attracting investors, securing funding, and guiding your company's growth strategy. However, the financial section is often the most critical and complex component. Partnering with experts to develop comprehensive business plan financials and a persuasive whitepaper can make all the difference. Professional financial analysts at AG Capital CFO Services provide data-driven projections, valuation models, risk assessments, and in-depth market analysis to strengthen your plan's credibility. With robust financials and a compelling whitepaper, you can validate your business case, instill confidence in stakeholders, and increase your chances of success.

Business Plan Writing Services

How Can Business Plan Financials Help Your Business To Grow?

Credible Financial Projections

Experienced analysts develop accurate revenue forecasts, expense projections, profit/loss statements, cash flow analysis, and break-even modeling tailored to your business.

Funding Requirement Calculations

Comprehensive financials outline your startup’s capital requirements, budget for growth, sources/uses of funds, and investment analysis to secure appropriate funding.

Valuation Modeling

Rigorous valuation models using industry benchmarks and growth assumptions provide credible pre-/post-money valuations to negotiate with investors.

Strategic Growth Planning

Detailed multi-year financial statements and KPI tracking enable data-driven decision-making to execute your strategic growth plans effectively.


1. Matching Your Business Plan to Your Financial Plan

  • A complete set of Business Plan Financials (Profit & Loss, Budget Statements, 5 year Cash Flows, use of funds, financial planning model that supports custom calculations and allows scenario analysis).
  • Edit your business plan so that the business plan story matches the financial plan story.
  • Executive summary PowerPoint presentation.
  • 1 hour of professional coaching in preparation for your presentation (via phone or video conferencing).

2. Full Business Plan Financials


  • A complete set of Business Plan Financials (Profit & Loss, Budgets, 5 year Cash Flows, use of funds, financial planning model that supports calculations and allows scenario analysis).
  • Included is a comprehensive customized worksheet for the client to provide numbers and responses to questions. All of this is developed to make the process as painless and quick as possible.
  • We shall also provide 10 hours of professional CFO assistance to the client included in this price.

3. Return On Investment/ Business & Financial  Risk, Scenario Analyses

This is a very important financial planning model that supports decision making and allows scenario analysis, to assess your risk and your probabilities of success.

  • For existing businesses and entrepreneurs who do not need to attract financing, but rather, need to decide whether to pursue a project or business idea.

4. Review of your existing Business Plan and Business Plan Financials:

  • A highly qualified opinion and recommendations on your business plan and its supporting financial plan. The financials will be reviewed by a professional CFO with extensive experience in reviewing and preparing funding packages for banks and private investors.  We may not be experts in your business but we can assess the financial plan you have created to support your plan’s goals. It is essential you have a complete review done before showing your Business Plan and Financials to any professional investment group or bank.


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